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At Bedford N6 Spa, we approach pain and tension patterns from a clinical and therapeutic standpoint. Whatever your needs may be, we want to develop a plan to get you functioning at optimum health while enjoying a corrective and relaxing experience. We wanted to have a no-frills place for people who are looking for effective deep tissue therapy without any unnecessary add-ons. What we do provide is excellent massage therapy from our team of highly skilled and awesome therapists who will become your favorite person after one session. We specialize in deep, neuromuscular therapy that’s focused on releasing the root of tension and injury in the body. We can work as light or as deep as needed while still providing muscular rehabilitation or deep relaxation. Our other services include shiatsu massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, foot massage, Swedish massage and much more. Give us a call today, we look forward to helping you.

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Experts In The Industry.

Our team shows a level of excellence that surpasses our competitors, setting new standards. We specialize in just about every area of Massage Therapy and take great pride in our relaxation techniques. Your satisfaction is our main priority! We always listen to our customers needs to achieve the best healing results, from Swedish, Full Body, Hot Stone, Couples Massages, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, and More!

Dedicated To You.

We are dedicated to the local community, with a steadfast commitment to meet your needs — making you feel refreshed and confident! We assure you will love the results and how your body feels after visiting us. Our experts have many years of experience in the industry — necessary to soothe all body aches and bring you to complete relaxation in a timely manner. Let Us Handle all Your Massage Therapy Needs Today!

Massage Reflexology • Foot Massage • Couples Massage • Full Body Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Swedish Massage • Shiatsu Massage

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